I have studied, and continue to study, psychoanalysis and the works in philosophy, feminist and literary theory and literature with which psychoanalysis continues to interact.

These studies inform my clinical practice, particularly regarding the formation of an individual within a social and cultural system, and how that individual's particular questions and difficulties come to be formed in and by the social context---family, school, religion, origin, sexuality, gender. My clinical practice is informed by social and cultural work on genderqueer, sexuality, racialised difference, and culture. I have studied social theory (PhD, UniMelb) and social work (MSW, RMIT).

I also write in the areas of gender, sexuality and difference. Recently, I have completed a history of the critique of Freud's Oedipus complex for the 'Wiley Encyclopaedia of Gender and Sexuality' (forthcoming), and an article on the cultural event that was Adam Goodes' so-called 'war dance' for the online journal 'Ecritique'.

I have also published in the journal Analysis on Lacan's 'Proposition of 1967' and on Alenka Zupancic’s book on the philosophy of comedy, 'The Odd One In’.